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How much does a solar system cost?

The question of how much a solar system costs is one of the most common questions we get. The answer, however, is not always so straightforward. In many cases we can evaluate installation and material costs relatively easy by consulting satellite pictures and after phone consultation with the customer. In other cases we can only give an exact price after an evaluation of the installation site. For all customers, regardless of what type of installation is at hand, we always prepare an initial offer (Richtofferte).

Here you can learn about the most important factors that influence the price of a solar system. We also explain what you should keep in mind when comparing solar offers since price is only one factor, albeit an important one, to take into consideration when going solar.

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How to understand the price of a solar system

What factors affect solar system costs?

The hardware carries the largest cost of any solar system. This includes solar panels, inverter, mounting system and wiring. It part makes up a bit over 50% of the costs. The installation, supply chain, permitting and interconnection makes up about 40 % of the price. Finally there are the operations costs including monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and overhead, which constitute the remaining cost. REWRITE %ages with JP.

Can I write off the solar system on my taxes?

If you install a photovoltaic system on an existing building, you can deduct 100% of the investment costs from taxes in almost all cantons. Here you can read more about the details. I.ON always calculates an average and reasonable tax deduction in our price breakdown so you can get a real sense of what the actual savings would be for your system.

How much can I get in subsidies?

Here we have some good news. The subsidy rate in Switzerland is still relatively high. For solar systems up to 100kWp (a very large system) the federal gov. pays 1400 CHF regardless of system power and an additional 340 CHF per kWp. For some systems this could men up to 1/3 of the total cost. Here you can see exactly how much you would get depending on your system's power.
Example system - 4 kWp
This breakdown shows how much you can save on subsidies and tax write-offs for an average sized solar system.
Initial Investment                               23'200 CHF
Einmalvergutung (EIV)                      - 2'340 CHF
Tax Write-Off                                       - 3'450 CHF
Final Price                                12'240 CHF

Price breakdown

Knowing what factors affect your system costs is important but it is of course just as important to understand what this means in reality. Here we show how subsidies and tax write offs affect the cost for an example system. Keep in mind that many Gemeindes offer additional subsidies, which could help lower the cost of your system even more.
Example System
Initial Investment                 23'200 CHF
Einmakvergutung                 - 2300 CHF
Steuerabzug                          - 4500 CHF
Final Price                            10'239 CHF
Example system - 4 kWp
This breakdown shows how much you can save on subsidies and tax write-offs for an average sized solar system.
Initial Investment                                                    23'200 CHF
Einmalvergutung (EIV)                                           - 2'340 CHF
Tax Write-Off                                                            - 3'450 CHF
Final Price                                                  12'240 CHF

What else to think about when buying a solar system

Panel and Inverter Quality

Solar panels have become much more efficient in the last few years. Still, all solar panels are not made equal. The goal at I.ON is to offer solar systems with premium components for customers who want a product that meets the highest standards in the long haul. To learn more you can set up a free consulting appointment.

Customer Care from A to Z

Buying a solar system means more than just getting the right components. It also means getting the right service before and after the installation, being properly informed about the different steps of the process, and knowing that all paperwork is filled out and sent so you get your subsidies as fast as possible.

What is included in the price?

At I.ON we take pride in being up front with our customers explaining what is included in the price (solar system components, installation, scaffolding, permits, etc.) and what has to be purchased separately (solar battery, charging station, and other add-ons for example). That said, I.ON has made a great effort in creating offers in which we include all the essentials for our customers. And perhaps most importantly, once you buy a system with I.ON you do not need to worry about any paperwork related permits and subsidies.

Additional Serves

Many of our customers are in the process of either renovating their homes or making them more energy efficient all around. This often means getting proper energy consulting, carrying out a GEAK or GEAK PLUS, and replacing the old heating system with a heat pump. At I.ON you can get all these products and services under one roof, resulting in better prices, faster installations, easier service access and, of course, a much more pleasant investment experience for our customers.
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